Arais/Malcolm Rube

Angel of Cleansed Ashes. Malakite/Cherub Remnant


Human 2
Strength 7/Agility 9
Corporeal Song of Shiields 4

Intelligence 4/Precision 4
Ethereal Song of Shields 2
Knowledge: Arson 5

Will 5/Preception 7
Tracking 5
Song of Thunder 3
Celestial Song of Shields 3
Detect Lies 5

Roles: Charisma 3

Attunements & Distinctions: Cherub Attunement The Kid +1

Discord: Angel of Yves, Archangel of Destiny

Rites: -Spend 2 hours in deep philosophical discussion
-spend 4hours teaching willing students
-spend 6 hours studying in a library or meditating

Arais was set on this world as a Malakite. He follows Yves, Archangel of destiny. He has served Yves as insurance to judge those that keep others from their destiny. He casted judgement on members of humanity who would guide others into their terrible fate. He did this with no questioning. With his love given to the heavens, he felt that however the judged were handled, the greater purpose was at work. The evil would be cleansed to make way for the rightful destinies. As for his judged that have found themselves guilty, he would give them a chance at repenting with the lord, before he would cleanse them with fire. He saw this as justice. This was the way Arais lived. Until he was given his first angelic case. Previous to this, he judged only humanity, a culture in which wrong was appropriate, and that the justice given only seemed fitting. To then be told one of his own was corrupting the path of destiny was a moment of questioning. Arais took this moment and hid it away, ignoring how he felt and continued with the case. After finding Laluu guilty, whether incidental or not, he could only bring him before Yves and God himself. That is where they saw Laluu unfit for the choir and was cast down to the princes of the under realms. After the event, Arais found himself feeling the guilt of a fallen. The repressed feeling eating him inside. He took a day to collect himself, and went back to his work, keeping his emotions as far from the forefront of his mind as possible. He would compete with another Malakite named Antais to keep order amongst the realms of Earth. Arais saw Antais as quick to judge, and severe with punishment. Since the judgement of Laluu, Arais would hold cleansing the wicked with fire as an extreme case, and reserve if for only the rare extreme cases. He then started to bless the guilty, regardless of whether they accepted to repent. Antais saw this as weak. This argument would go on for centuries. During these centuries, Arais would continue fighting to keep these questioning thoughts he had on his work far from it. Eventually it led to changing those emotions to apathetic begrudging, carrying out his work even more disconnected then before. He would continue to face Laluu, finding only self guilt there. He would continue to rival the merciless Antais. He would struggle slipping up with every demonic case he worked with only the name Gannon to blame. He could only rectify the slips, by ensuring the judgement was still past, regardless of ability to carry out the punishment. How do you punish an angel whose already fallen? Arais did what he could to ensure at least the wicked were judged, then he set the rest in motion as much as possible, even if it meant handing the demonic case up to the next higher choir member. This kept the Malakites from failing, and from falling. Arais would also have to constantly deal with correcting a certain Cherub’s, named Azule, work and ensuring the path of destiny was still on course. He would do this all while Azule would be unaware, too busy dealing with the flack from his superiors. As Arais went through his angelic span, going from case to case, he would also meet a demon named Azeil. This demon would give Arais even more doubt with the greater purpose, guiding humans towards an undefined ending, only to suite his needs. This uncaring for path of right or wrong, but just what feels appropriate for each situation. Arais felt this was possibly worse then leading humanity down to their fate, for it was almost cleverly disguised as the right path. At least followers of fate are honest about their ends. Up to recent Arais has continued down the path of static disconnected judgement, serving Yves as before, with a less driven spirit. Right before May 2011, Arais was given his next angelic case. That of Azule. He was being guided towards his next vessel when he found himself waking up from a coma in the body of Malcolm Rube. It was past time, and the world still stood. Maybe this was a sign. Maybe Azule had more time.

“more to come as I catch up my bio to the current episode!”

Arais/Malcolm Rube

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