Demon Of Doubt


A note from the producers:
The actress playing Azurei in the pilot is indeed not the person playing her in the actual show. Adriana Lima was forced to step down from her role as critiques saw her “too dumb and busty” Thankfully Charlize Theron stepped in at the last minute stating “I really do believe in this project” Now back to your regular scheduled biography


“I’ve been to Earth a few times and each time its the same story. Kids running around feeling like they are entitled and worth all the love my god gives them. Well, they aren’t. And its my job to make them feel what they do deserve. And that’s insecurity, self loathing and above all else, doubt. Why punish them…if they can do that themselves”

Azurei believes she is one of the only chosen Angels that see Gods true and glorious plan. Every time an angel denounces her and says she is nothing more than a demon she cannot help but smile…so unaware of the true purpose. She believes hers is separating the people who are worthy of Gods love from the people who are not. She has yet to find people who are. but that does not mean she isn’t looking. She hopes she will one day find that worthy human to raise up to the heavens…but until that day she is content in the vessel she picked. A model, perfect to punish the people who are too dumb to think for themselves, and perfect to have mimosas in.

She has found her glamorous life quite comfortable and fun. She is able to help her friends Gannon and Ezule as well as aggravate her enemy Nelessa who is a fashion journalist. What could one possibly ask for?


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