The Demon of Ultimatums

Prelude of Miss Fortune

An angel holding a bow of golden light enters the room.

Panis Angel of Questions: Who is that? (He points to the man holding the bow)

Chell: Angel of Answers: That’s Ezule an untitled angel. They call him a prodigy though.

Panis: Isn’t he the one that created the bow and arrow?

Chell: Yeah and because of it the Hebrews actually have an edge of other religions. They are winning more battles because of the range.

Panis: What is he holding?

Chell: That’s a bow, but it’s not just any bow. That is the Prominence Bow its said that the arrow hits on Corporeal, Ethereal, and or Celestial. Its is also said that it hold a lot of power and so far only Ezule can use it correctly.

2 More angels walk into the room Ezule greets them with joy.

Panis: Who are they?

Chell: The On the right is Orrine the Angel of Artifacts and the one the right is Nephel the Angel of Fortune. They usually come here and celebrate a successful mission together.

Orrine: Ezule how has it been?

Ezule: Orrine, I’ve been great. Hey I have heard you created an other artifact. What does this one do.

Orrine: Its can turn anything to stone and stops time for that which is in stone. I made it so that we can capture demons and question them with out too much trouble.

Ezule: That is amazing.

Nephel: That certainly is. Hey Ezule, long time no see.

Ezule: Oh.. Hey Nephel, it has been too long.

Panis: Are Ezule and Nephel lovers?

Chell: No how ever many know that Ezule has feelings for Nephel. As for Nephel, She has feelings for Orrine as well as Ezule. Orrine also has feelings for Nephel, However Ezule and Orrine do not know that either of them has feelings for Nephel.

Panis: Wouldn’t that cause problems?

Chell: It may in the future, but I’m sure it will work its self out… I hope.

10 Years later

Ezule is with 2 other angels

Eli: Hello Ezule. This is your new partner Irwin. I hope you 2 will get a long.

Ezule: Hello Irwin nice to meet you.

Irwin: Greetings Ezule I have heard much about you. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Eli: I’ll let you 2 get acquainted. I have somewhere I have to be soon.

100 years later

3 Angels are sitting in a tavern

Nephel: So Ezule how’s the new kid.

Ezule: He is a bit of a klutz but he is getting better. Though it seems like he needs confidence in what he does. But how you Orrine? What are you creating now?

Orrine: I am making an item that can extract memories from a celestial and with how well its going I may be able to change a celestials personality. Can you imagine it? This big bad demon working for the prince of war becomes this care free, love everyone ditz. I don’t know how well it is going to work or how long the effects last but I am going into the testing phase soon. With this complete we can hold demons or anyone with out much resistance.

Nephel: That is amazing Orrine but I may have you beat.

Orrine: Oh really? What are you making?

Nephel: Well… (she brings out a small black book) Look for you self.

Ezule and Orrine grab either end of the book.

Ezule and Orrine look into the book but the pages remain blank.

Ezule: I don’t see anything.

Nephel: Only one person can hold it at a time.

Orrine: (looks at Ezule) Ok you go first.

Orrine lets go and angelic script begins writing its self. Its reads Ezule ducks from Nephel’s punch in .5342 seconds.

Ezule: What! (he ducks and Nephel fist nearly hits Ezule in the back of his head.) What what that for Nephel.

Nephel: Just to prove my point. It knows the future and automatically tells the reader what the best course of action should be. I’m still improving it, but it seems like its doing pretty well already.

100 Years later

Ezule and Irwin are at a tavern.

Ezule: Hey Irwin don’t be so upset even I have failed a mission before… ok that’s not true but there have been other high classed angels that have been bested before.

Irwin: Im going to be the Angel of Failures after this aren’t I

Ezule: It was your first solo mission you will get other tries to redeem yourself. And hey I’m not even titled yet so don’t worry about that.

Irwin: If I only know they were going to ambush me I could have done something.

Ezule: Hey at least you’re alive and that’s what matters. But I’ll give you some tips when I get back. I got an important mission … I even have to take this with me. (Ezule show Irwin the Providence Bow)


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