Episode 7: Blood for the Blood God

The World is in turmoil. The Nuclear device that exploded at the UN and the devastation caused by Lilah’s Inner Circle. Nations around the world are about to fire their nuclear payloads, and the Demons of Hell are beginning to pick Factions.

Baal, the ArchPrince of War, has begun to see his plans come to fruition.
Valefor, the ArchPrince of Theft, is trying to steal his thunder.

Both Princes have amassed several Legions of Demons, Baal trying to destroy the world and Valefor trying to save it.

Andrealphus and Nybbas have pledged their allegiance to both sides, as long as they get to watch Angels dying.

Heaven is also fractured. Dominic has gathered other Arcs, including Janus, to create a coalition to stop Michael from destroying the world.

Michael has convinced Lawrence, the Archangel of Sword, to execute the last order of God:Revelation.

Meanwhile, Jenny Costello has found one of her counterparts, Denny Polanski: the Horseman known as Pestilence.

Malakim all over Creation scream in rage as one of their own has Fallen: Antais, the Angel of Justice. They mobilize for descent, ready to rip his Essence to pieces.

The ArchPrince Kobal has decided to take an interest in the newly Fallen Ezule, and wants him to pick a side in the Demon War.

Arais, Isaac, and Link have warped to Finland with Jensen Teagues, who now believes her radiation poisoning is causing her to hallucinate the Finnish mountains where her family used to vacation.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the Heavenly-clad Lilah has ripped a hole in Reality to catch up to them, but someone stand in her way….the Morrigan.

Episode 7: Blood for the Blood God

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