-“the Kid” is required for the activation of the Key
-Mr.Fratelli owns a collection of celestial artifacts and doesn’t know it.
-In Mr.Fratelli’s collection is a statue of The Angel of Fortune that cries on occasion.
-Ezule needs to protect Mr. Fratelli so that the collection of artifacts are not sold.

Edit: 9/1/2011, Gannon
- Using Laloo’s assistance, Gannon tracks down the outcast Caluhim, an mad angel who once served Eli as the angel of human evolution.
- Gannon makes a trade with Caluhim, a wealth of subject and the money to fuel his experiments for a host of genetically engineered soldiers who will follow his orders.
- Gannon entices/abducts well-trained men and women from around the world for Caluhim’s project.

Edit: 9/8/2011, Gannon
- The male subjects from Caluhim’s experiments go crazy, some take their own lives while others disappear into the city.
- Gannon procures the weapons and gadgets for his new soldiers, everything from firearms to hemp rope to sexy uniforms.
- Of the fifty women soldiers that remain two sisters, Kotake and Kosuke, distinguish themselves with their unparalleled skill at arms and unwavering loyalty.

-Michael the ArcAngel has been requested to vouch for the woman in Missouri if she is to weield his sword
-“the Kid’s” destiny is intertwined with Jensen’s

Edit: 9/17/2011, Gannon
- Lenny Polanski, Denny’s younger brother, is the Horseman known as Famine.

-Arais was able to find suitable medical treatment for Jensen in Finland.


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